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Is Eurail worth it?

Recently I decided to take a 3 week trip across Europe and had to think about the best option for getting around. When I decided traveling by train was my best and cheapest option I started my research and found Eurail. Eurail gives you an unlimited amount of train rides in one day with one set price (not including seat reservations.) They have passes where you can select a number of days for a pass for example I decided to get the Global pass that had 7 days because I had 7 days throughout the trip that I knew I will be traveling country to country by train.

Now the question is: was it worth it? In my own opinion it was. The pass at the time was a little over $200 which is way less than what I would have spent if I would have bought each of those train tickets individually. It also saved time for me because it will show you all the trains you need to take at what time so you do not have to go and research the trains by yourself. They also have an app which made my life easier when the train conductor asks for my pass and I can just pull it up on my phone in two seconds.

The only concern I had was with seat requirements. There were two travel days that I was not able to use because, a week in advance, all the seats had been sold out and forced me to take a plane or bus. I already knew I would have to book them in advance but I didn't know that far in advance. It is especially hard when you are going such a long distance. I wanted to take a train from Barcelona, Spain to Bern, Switzerland but I couldn't because 1 out of the 6 different trains I would have had to take needed a seat requirement that was sold out, and I ended up flying instead. However I learned my lesson and booked a seat reservation two weeks in advance and I was fine.

If you are going to do a lot of traveling mostly by train, I would look up beforehand how many train and what trains you would using and see how much they are and compare it to the price of the pass that would fit your itinerary best. If its a lot cheaper then it would definitely be worth it.

Beneath is a link to the site where you can choose a plan that would fit your trip best and has other information how to use it. (not sponsored)


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